A Day at Winnington School, Khewra

Xenia Abid - Apr 24, 2017 - 164 Views

In our cause to take the message of Dil Say Pakistan to the communities which have often been overlooked, we organized a Civic Imagination workshop at Willington School in Khewra. The idea was to inspire students to find solutions to the problems that Pakistanis face. 

In the first round of this workshop, the students participated in a discussion in which they determined key social issues. The issues were grass root level problems faced by each individual or could be based on day to day observations. This served the purpose of a mind jog as the students are made to take on the road of problem-solving rather than fall prey as passive victims. 

Following this discussion, the students were divided into groups and every group is allotted a problem that was highlighted in the previous discussion. The concept of this round was to reinforce groupthink. This mirrors the real world where an individual combines forces with other people to overcome problems. The children formulated strategies to tackle obstacles such as cultural barriers and lack of state-funded schools etc. 

During the discussion, the children seemed very hopeful about the future of Pakistan. Pakistan fast forwarded 40 years seemed like an ideal country when viewed through the eyes of the brill

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