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Sulh-E-Kul; Stories of Interfaith Harmony by Maha Usman - Published May 17, 2017


by Maha Usman - May 17, 2017

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Sulh-e-Kul: Stories of Interfaith harmony in Pakistan Sulh-e Kul is a Persian term literally meaning “peace for all,” “universal peace,” or “absolute peace,” drawn from a Sufi mystic principle. As applied by the third Mughal Emperor of India, Akbar (who reigned 1556-1605), it described a peaceful and harmonious relationship among different religions. Love, oneness, integrity, and harmony are traits of a sound society. Pakistan is blessed various ethnicities and cultural diversity, and it always adds up to our strength. When it comes to religion, there’s no denying the fact that Sunnis respect the significance of Muharram, Christians are mindful of the Muslims fasting, and there are innumerable Christians friends with Muslims, similarly, many Muslims celebrate Holi and Diwali with their Hindu friends. These are our daily practices that are never highlighted by the mainstream media, however, one odd case of sectarian killing gets so much attention. Our civic life shows a different narrative of love, peace, and tranquility. It is beautiful to see that humanity is taking over everything when it comes having opinions. Our fellow Pakistanis along with Dil Say Pakistan created this amazing series that depict friendship and love among many beliefs existing in Pakistan. These stories of strong relationships shared memories, wondrous experiences, and brotherhood is the reflections of our daily life in Pakistan that are often overlooked by many.

1. Hindu-Muslim

‘Raj’, the first I heard his name, it reminded me of a blockbuster Bollywood movie. I met him at work for the first time, when he helped us out in a project of Dil Say Pakistan. 

I was so eager to tell him that I know some of the Hindu Bhajans by heart. When I finally sang ‘Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnoo’ for him, he told me that he knew Ayat-ul Qursi! It was such a ‘wow’ moment for me. 

I’ve known Raj for 7 months now, and he’s one of the most hardworking people I know. He’s very respectful and values people’s opinions and perspectives.

I believe that everyone should be a human first and we should celebrate differences if there are any.