Why Pakistan Deserved to Win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Mashal Riaz - Jun 20, 2017 - 273 Views

In the past, Pakistan has produced one of the most imminent cricket icons in the whole world but lately, it has been facing a dearth of talent. This victory was completely unpredictable but Pakistani cricket team managed to defy all pre-tournament predictions and also brought together the entire nation.


1. Underdogs No One Was Rooting For:

A little over a month ago, nobody could have predicted that a team ranked as # 8th would make it to the finals of the Champions Trophy 2017 as two team members were suspended for alleged corruption earlier this year and another team member was sent home from England after failing multiple fitness tests. But then again, Pakistani cricket is all about uncertainness and unpredictability.


2. Thrashing Loss from India: 

Pakistani Team was being labeled as a ragtag team in the beginning and their confidence was hugely dented when it faced a thumping loss to arch rivals in their opening match.


3. A lot of Negativity:

After the poor performance in the first few matches, Pakistani cricket team faced a lot of criticism and negativity. To be able to stand up again after facing such a defeat, not only showed the courage and strength of the team members but also the passion they have for this sport.


4. No Home Ground Advantage:

Pakistan has never had the home ground advantage in any of the tournaments for its inability to host top international matches on home soil due to security concerns.<

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