#OnePlate Campaign Proves to be a Trendsetter!

Mashal Riaz - Jun 23, 2017 - 1208 Views

To create a feeling of oneness and equality and to instill a sense of interfaith harmony in the Pakistani society, Dil Say Pakistan arranged several inclusive Iftar sessions all across Pakistan where people from different religions, sects, and backgrounds dined together. The campaign aimed to end the practice of dehumanizing fellow human beings due to class or religious differences. The Iftar sessions were held in different parts of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Kasur and Faisalabad.

Following the footsteps of Dil Say Pakistan, some students of Institute of Business Management, Karachi, led by Saghar Langhani, took the initiative to serve more than 200 people at Cantt Station in Karachi. Armed with a belief that food is a universal language shared by people regardless of caste, creed and religious differences and helps to cultivate mutual relationship within the community, the students organized an interfaith Iftar where people belonging to different faiths and socio-economic backgrounds were invited.  

Speaking at the #OnePlate inspired Iftar Sagar Langhani, a Hindu member of the group, said, “The welcome into Muslim life inspired my team to organize it with energy and deepened our love for this community. The message from fasting is to feel the hunger of poor and care for them in our lives in a calm and composed manner. This message drove us towards serving our brothers scattering smiles and hope of unity amongst communities living together in my beloved country.”

Dil Say Pakistan team is extremely pleased to learn that its campaigns are making an impact in the society and driving students to take such initiatives. 

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