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Hunza’s Boy Scouts Step In to Preserve Nature by Mashal Riaz - Published Jul 05, 2017


by Mashal Riaz - Jul 05, 2017

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Hunza Valley, often referred to as heaven on earth because of its dynamic landscapes and scenic beauty, has been a tourist attraction for many years. No matter what time of year you visit, you will always find its landscapes, evergreen forests, snowy mountains, high peaks and lush green meadows extremely peaceful and calming. This part of Pakistan is truly blessed with impeccable beauty and is a masterpiece of nature without any doubt.

Tourism in Pakistan has been greatly exemplified due to Hunza Valley’s beautiful landscapes, unique cultural heritage, and rich biological diversity. We often find ourselves travelling up north in order to get away from regular routine and harsh realities of life. However, the influx of visitors has weighed heavily on nature and created a grim problem in the shape of land pollution.  

Especially after the latest wave of tourists on Eid Ul Fitr, the magnificent landscapes were strewn with plastic bottles, food wrappers, and shopping bags. Areas which were lush with greenery in the past were littered, polluted and cluttered up with garbage. Cultural and heritage sites turned into open-air trash cans destroying the overall beauty of the area.

However, the local boy scouts of Hunza took the initiative and cleaned the entire area. They not only collected wrappers and waste and disposed of them properly, but also advised everyone else to do so. We greatly appreciate the efforts of people of Hunza to preserve nature and keeping the environment clean.

To everyone who plans on traveling to the northern areas, we advise you to not litter the area in order to sustain the natural beauty of Pakistan for long. If we all play our individual roles in keeping the environment clean, we will be able to keep this valley beautiful forever.