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Random Acts of Kindness – A Personal Story by Mashal Riaz - Published Jul 06, 2017


by Mashal Riaz - Jul 06, 2017

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Earlier today, I was in Blue Area with my younger brother running some quick errands before work. Just as we were exiting the market, our car’s tyre got punctured and needed to be replaced. My brother, who has just started driving recently, did not know how to change it or even knew where the spare tyre is kept for that matter. Nor were we sure if we even had the equipment required to fix a flat tyre (again, it’s only been a few weeks since he got his license and this was the first time we encountered such an event).

It was one in the pm and the weather was extremely hot. We felt stranded and did not know who to call as my father was out of town. There weren’t even any repair shops around. Not knowing what to do, as we were about to call a Careem, a taxi driver stopped by and inquired about what happened.

The kind man told us to relax and sit in the car. He found the spare tyre and the equipment in the trunk and began fixing it. When my brother tried to help, he waved him off and told him to go back in the car as it was extremely hot. Soon he was done and put the equipment back in the trunk and just as he was about to leave, my brother tried to offer him money as a payback for his kind help. He refused to accept it and said, “Insaniyat ki maddad kar kay tou mujay khushi milti hay aur mei is khushi kay paise nahi lay sakta” (Helping humanity gives me happiness and I cannot charge money for it).

I was extremely touched by the generosity of this kind-hearted man. If it weren’t for him, I would not have made it to work on time. Indeed, there are still some good people left in this world.