Rising Above Cyber Bullying

Mashal Riaz - Jul 07, 2017 - 221 Views

Pakistan International Airlines is often mocked and ridiculed over their services and it’s not breaking news when someone calls them out for their unprofessional systems.

Recently, a lot of controversy was spurred on the internet as a renowned celebrity and actress tweeted a candid picture of a PIA hostess and mocked her facial expressions and age. The tweet received a lot of attention and Ms. Junejo was called out for sharing someone’s picture without their consent and disgracing the flight crew.

I would just like to say that what Ms. Junejo did was a form of bullying and bullying is never okay, whether it’s done online or in real life. It’s not okay to share someone’s candid pictures without them knowing or comment on their facial expressions. Such comments, even if made in good humor, can have a huge impact on the victim’s life and leave lasting psychological and social scars.

Ms. Junejo’s tweet made its rounds on social media and circled back to the same stewardess. As a response to this whole incident, PIA shared her picture with the caption, “Spreading smiles in the skies with this face. Proudly serving PIA with professionalism and fearless commitment. #PIACabinCrew #PIASmiles.” Their tweet was met with a positive response and people appreciated their sly response on all social media platforms.

Dil Say Pakistan promotes the message of accepting people for who they are. We should look past someone’s looks, caste, creed, and religion and learn to appreciate them despite their flaws. Let’s celebrate all kinds of beauty and spread love in this beautiful country we call Pakistan. 

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