Make Goals Not Brides

Maha Usman - Mar 05, 2017 - 377 Views

Child marriage has been a predominant issue in many countries. Sadly, Pakistan is one of the countries where 21% of girls are married before the age of 18. It is tragic for our society to be blindfolded by the downside of such an act- health issues and human rights violation.

After his photo shoot starring the first transgender model, Waqar J Khan shot yet another thought-provoking series on the subject of child marriages. Shooting girls from Orangi Town- an underprivileged area in Karachi, he depicts an alternate reality by suggesting how these girls of young age should be in sports.

Young girls dolled up with crimson lipstick and jewelry make contrasting poses in sports gear; boxing gloves, football, and protective gear. The beautiful concept makes one wonder of how much girls can achieve if given the opportunity.

The photographer explains, “This time we did another fashion shoot for a cause to build awareness and promote women's sports fields. These girls are from Orangi Town

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